Sang-Myung Lee

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BACKGROUND Not much is known regarding avulsion fractures of the calcaneal tuberosity. We propose a modified classification scheme that presents the four types of calcaneal avulsion fracture as described by surgical and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) findings, and evaluation of their specific features. METHODS Out of 764 cases of calcaneal fractures, we(More)
We report two types of signal enhancement strategy derived from the origin of mechanical response, surface stress and mass, of the dynamic mode microcantilever for the detection of PSA at low picogram scales (low femtomolar concentration). The PSA detection at extremely low concentration levels is crucial to the early detection of relapses of prostate(More)
We have developed multifunctional fluorescent surface enhanced Raman spectroscopic tagging material (F-SERS dots) composed of silver nanoparticle-embedded silica spheres with fluorescent organic dye and specific Raman labels for multiplex targeting, tracking, and imaging of cellular/molecular events in the living organism. In this study, F-SERS dots(More)
Natural pigments are an important alternative to potentially harmful synthetic dyes. We investigated the feasibility of corn cob powder as a substrate for production of pigments by Monascus purpureus KACC 42430 in solid-state fermentation. A pigment yield of 25.42 OD Units/gram of dry fermented substrate was achieved with corn cob powder and optimized(More)
In order to determine on the anti-complement activity of triterpenes, following eleven triterpenoides were isolated from the fruits of the Zizyphus jujuba MILL: ceanothane-type triterpenes: colubrinic acid (1), zizyberenalic acid (11); lupane-type triterpenes: alphitolic acid (2), 3-O-cis-p-coumaroyl alphitolic acid (3), 3-O-trans-p-coumaroyl alphitolic(More)
The medicinal and physicochemical properties of nanoscale materials are strong functions of the particle size and the materials used in their synthesis. The nanoparticle shape also contributes significantly to their medicinal properties. Several shapes ranging from oval, spherical, rods, to teardrop structures may be obtained by chemical methods. Triangular(More)
The ability to measure pressure and force is essential in biomedical applications such as minimally invasive surgery (MIS) and palpation for detecting cancer cysts. Here, we report a force sensor for measuring a shear and normal force by combining an arrayed piezoelectric sensors layer with a precut glass top plate connected by four stress concentrating(More)
This study reveals a green process for the production of multi-morphological silver (Ag NPs) and gold (Au NPs) nanoparticles, synthesized using an agro-industrial residue cashew nut shell liquid. Aqueous solutions of Ag+ ions for silver and chloroaurate ions for gold were treated with cashew nut shell extract for the formation of Ag and Au NPs. The nano(More)
A new naphthopyrone, pleuropyrone A (1), together with (-)-lyoniresinol 3a-O-beta-D-glucopyranoside (2) and (+)-lyoniresinol 3a-O-beta-D-glucopyranoside (3) was isolated from the roots of Pleuropterus ciliinervis. The structure of pleuropyrone A (1) was determined to be 2,5-dimethyl-8-hydroxynaphthopyrone 10-O-beta-D-glucopyranoside by spectroscopic methods(More)
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