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Temporal and spatial variations in the proximate composition, amino acid content, and mineral content of Pyropia yezoensis were evaluated at Jindo, Haenam, and Seochun on the southern and western coasts of Korea. The proximate composition of P. yezoensis showed a specific pattern where carbohydrate, lipid, and ash increased over time, while protein(More)
This paper proposes an improved diffusion subband adaptive filtering algorithm for an acoustic echo cancellation (AEC) in distributed network. For the adaptation step, a variable individual step size that takes account of the characteristics of speech input signals is derived by minimizing the upper bound of the mean-square deviation. For the combination(More)
For the case when the input signals are highly correlated, this paper introduces a innovative update form of the normalized least-mean-squares (NLMS) algorithm, where the concept of normalization is taken from the oblique projection. By supplying a lemma that the trace norm of any square matrix is preserved under the congruence transformation via the(More)
This paper proposes a variable forgetting factor recursive total least squares (VFF-RTLS) algorithm to recursively compute the total least squares solution for adaptive finite impulse response (FIR) filtering. The forgetting factor of the VFF-RTLS algorithm is updated by minimizing the cost function (Rayleigh quotient). In simulations, the VFF-RTLS(More)
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