Sang-Mi Jeong

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An aqueous vesicular system that is switchable by electric potential without addition of any chemical redox agents into the solution is demonstrated using redox-responsive self-assembly of an amphiphilic rod-coil molecule consisting of a tetraaniline and a poly(ethylene glycol) block. The vesicle membrane is split by an oxidizing voltage into smaller(More)
A pentacene thin-film transistor (TFT) was fabricated on a SiO2 gate insulator modified with twisted biaryls. The biaryl monolayer, in particular a binaphthyl (BN) monolayer, is amorphous surface where the naphthalene rings are randomly oriented with no lateral order because of their rigid, twisted, and asymmetric shape. When the BN monolayer was used for(More)
Monolayers of 1,1'-bi-2-naphthol (BN) derivatives, of which the two naphthalene rings are twisted along the carbon(1)-carbon(1') single bond, were studied for their conformational effect on the growth of pentacene crystals on their monolayer surface. BN monolayers with H and Br at 6,6'-positions (H-BN and Br-BN) were prepared by immersion-coating in toluene(More)
We demonstrated that the layer-by-layer growth of thin film crystals of conjugated organic molecules is facilitated by their hydrogen-bonding capabilities. We synthesized bis(3-hydroxypropyl)-sexithiophene (bHP6T), which includes two hydroxyalkyl groups that promote interlayer and intermolecular molecular interactions during the crystal growth process.(More)
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