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An engineered enhancement in short-circuit current density and energy conversion efficiency in amorphous silicon p-i-n solar cells is achieved via improved transmission of electromagnetic radiation arising from forward scattering by surface plasmon polariton modes in Au nanoparticles deposited above the amorphous silicon film. For a Au nanoparticle density(More)
A basic prerequisite for parallel programming is a good communication API. The recent interest in using Java for scienti c and engineering application has led to several international e orts to produce a message passing interface to support parallel computation. In this paper we describe and then discuss the syntax, functionality and performance of one such(More)
Several Java bindings of the Message Passing Interface standard, MPI, have been developed recently. Message buffers have usually been restricted to arrays with elements of primitive type. We discuss use of the Java object serialization model for marshalling general communication data in MPI. This approach is compared with a Java transcription of the(More)
The influence of electromagnetic scattering by Au and silica nanoparticles placed atop silicon photovoltaic devices on absorption and photocurrent generation has been investigated. The nanoparticles produce substantial increases in power transmission into the semiconductor and consequently photocurrent response from 500 to 1000 nm. Increases in power(More)
Experimental characterization and finite-element numerical simulations of the electromagnetic interaction between Au nanoparticles positioned atop a Si pn junction photodiode and incident electromagnetic plane waves have been performed as a function of wavelength. The presence of the Au nanoparticles is found to lead to increased electromagnetic field(More)
We examine the creation of peer-to-peer Grids in which autonomous Grid components (“Gridlets”) may be federated into dynamic Grid collections. We examine two important aspects of these systems: federated security and autonomic considerations. As we discuss, both may be implemented using a messaging system as a substrate. Messaging systems provide the means(More)
The genetic distance and relationships of 149 accessions representing 46 species in the genus Phalaenopsis and four species in Paraphalaenopsis were studied using random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) markers. The genus Paraphalaenopsis was used as an outgroup. A total of 20 random primers were screened and out of these, six random primers provided 123(More)
Artificial interface anisotropy is demonstrated in alternating Co/Pt and Co/Pd stripe patterns, providing a means of forming magnetic anisotropy using lithography. In-plane hysteresis loops measured along two principal directions are explained in depth by two competing shape and interface anisotropies, thus confirming the formation of interface anisotropy(More)