Sang Lim

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A basic prerequisite for parallel programming is a good communication API. The recent i n terest in using Java for scientiic and engineering application has led to several international eeorts to produce a message passing interface to support parallel computation. In this paper we describe and then discuss the syntax, functionality and performance of one(More)
Several Java bindings of the Message Passing Interface standard , MPI, have been developed recently. Message buffers have usually been restricted to arrays with elements of primitive type. We discuss use of the Java object serialization model for marshalling general communication data in MPI. This approach is compared with a Java transcription of the(More)
— In this paper, we discuss reliable and secure file transfer middleware called NaradaBrokering. It is our goal to show that reliability features can be decoupled from the implementation of the service and protocol, and instead placed into the messaging substrate. This will allow us to provide file transfer quality of service comparable to GridFTP in other(More)
We examine the creation of peer-to-peer Grids in which autonomous Grid components (" Gridlets ") may be federated into dynamic Grid collections. We examine two important aspects of these systems: federated security and autonomic considerations. As we discuss, both may be implemented using a messaging system as a substrate. Messaging systems provide the(More)
In contrast with wild species, cultivated crop genomes consist of reshuffled recombination blocks, which occurred by crossing and selection processes. Accordingly, recombination block-based genomics analysis can be an effective approach for the screening of target loci for agricultural traits. We propose the variation block method, which is a three-step(More)
The paper discusses use of the Java object serializa-tion model for marshalling communication data in Java bindings of the Message Passing Interface standard, MPI. This approach is compared with a Java transcription of the derived datatype m e chanism used for buuer description in C and Fortran bindings of MPI. We describe an implementation of the mpiJava(More)
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