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In the Remote Device Management (RDM) protocol, lighting devices are discovered by conducting a simple binary search based on the 48-bit Unique ID (UID). However, the existing binary search scheme tends to require large delay for device discovery. In this paper we propose a partition-based discovery scheme in RDM. From numerical simulations, we can see that(More)
The capacity upgrading techniques to 40 Gb/s channel rate using the existing N times 10 Gb/s based DWDM infrastructure were studied. The super-FEC, carrier- suppressed return-to-zero and pre-emphasis were applied to 40 Gb/s channels for improvement in optical signal to noise ratio sensitivity.
—The Remote Device Management (RDM) protocol is used to manage the devices in the lighting control networks. RDM provides bi-directional communications between a controller and many lighting devices over the DMX512-A network. In RDM, using a simple binary search scheme, which is based on the 48-bit unique ID (UID) of each device, discovers the lighting(More)
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