Sang Keun Rhee

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Upon developing an information system, establishing an effective information retrieval method is the main problem along with the management of the information. With ontologies, the semantic structure of knowledge can be represented and the resources can be managed along with their context information. Observing that within this knowledge space, resources(More)
In our work, an agent-based system supporting workers in fulfilling their roles in a virtual organization has as its centerpiece ontologically demarcated data. In such system, ontological matchmaking is one of key functionalities in provisioning of personalized information. Here, we discuss how matchmaking will be facilitated in a duty trip support(More)
In our work, an agent-based system supporting workers in an organization is centered around utilization of ontologically demarcated data. In this system, ontological matchmaking, understood as a way of establishing closeness between resources, is one of key functionalities. Specifically , it is used to autonomously provide recommendations to the user, who(More)
This paper describes the design and implementation of a novel multi-depth camera multi-person tracking system. We propose a zone-space model for effectively cooperating with multiple depth cameras. Based on the system model, we devise a tracking-session association algorithm to find out a correct mapping between new observations and users scattered in the(More)
— Extensive information is required within a R&D environment , and a considerable amount of time and efforts are being spent on finding the necessary information. An adaptive information providing system would be beneficial to the environment, and a conceptual model of the resources, people and context is mandatory for developing such applications. In this(More)