Sang Jun Lee

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— Recent biological studies on water strider insects revealed the detailed mechanism of their staying and walking on water. While macro scale bodies use buoyancy to stay on water, these very light and small insects balance their weight using repulsive surface tension forces where the insect legs are covered with hydrophobic micro-hairs. Utilizing the unique(More)
This paper introduces a new scheme, called Augmented Password AKE (APAKE), for authenticated key exchange protocols. In APAKE, a password is represented by a pair of values that is randomly selected in a huge space. We present an APAKE protocol. The protocol is secure against the attacks including off-line dictionary attack and server compromise allowing(More)
Recent theoretical and experimental studies demonstrated that breaking of the sublattice symmetry in graphene produces an energy gap at the former Dirac point. We describe the synthesis of graphene sheets decorated with ultrathin, Si-rich two-dimensional (2D) islands (i.e., Gr:Si sheets), in which the electronic property of graphene is modulated by coupling(More)