Sang Ju Park

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A new side information refinement method for transform domain distributed video coding (DVC) is proposed. In DVC, side information is the frame constructed from key frames which are intra coded. It is utilized as the initial estimate of source symbols of Wyner-Ziv coded frame which is not transmitted to the decoder. Errors in the estimated frames are to be(More)
There is growing interest in imaging and display of stereoscopic images on a mobile phone. Mobile phone users can capture a stereo image pair by taking two pictures, one after another, with a single camera at the left and right eye positions. Such a handheld setup makes it difficult to take the stereo image pair at the exact positions. In this respect,(More)
In the video coding, the most significant problem is the encoding complexity. It is the distributed video coding (DVC) that the encoding complexity is decreased but the decoding complexity is increased. In the DVC, the encoding complexity is decreased by using the channel coding. Especially, LDPC(A) codes are widely used. In this paper, we introduce a new(More)
A new side information update method of error correction decoder for distributed video coding is proposed. This method improves the quality of side information. The side information values are updated using both the values of quantization index and its quantization interval. Side information update method reduces the amount of parities transmitted to decode(More)
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