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We consider a holographic dual of hydrodynamics of N = 4 SYM plasma that undergoes non-isotropic three-dimensional expansion relevant to RHIC fireball. Our model is a natural extension of the Bjorken's one-dimensional expansion, and it describes an elliptic flow whose v 2 and eccentricity are given in terms of anisotropy parameters. Holographic(More)
In the context of holographic QCD we analyze Sakai-Sugimoto's chiral model at finite baryon density and zero temperature. The baryon number density is introduced through compact D4 wrapping S 4 at the tip of D8-D8. Each baryon acts as a chiral point-like source distributed uniformly over R 3 , and leads a non-vanishing U (1) V potential on the brane. For(More)
We investigate dense matter in the context of Sakai and Sugimoto's holographic model of QCD at zero temperature but finite baryon density in the Wigner-Seitz approximation. In bulk, baryons are treated as instantons on S 3 ×R 1 in each Wigner-Seitz cell. At low density, the energy density varies as n 1/3 B while at high density it varies as n 5/3 B. In(More)