Sang-Jin Sin

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In the context of the AdS/CFT correspondence we discuss the gravity dual of a heavy-ion-like collision in a variant of N = 4 SYM. We provide a gravity dual picture of entire process. We estimate the initial entropy and temperature as a function of the initial saturation momentum Qs. We suggest that the cooling of the fireball is the dual of a brane(More)
In the context of holographic QCD we analyze Sakai-Sugimoto’s chiral model at finite baryon density and zero temperature. The baryon number density is introduced through compact D4 wrapping S4 at the tip of D8-D8. Each baryon acts as a chiral point-like source distributed uniformly over R3, and leads a non-vanishing U(1)V potential on the brane. For fixed(More)
We calculated the vector susceptibilitiy in holographic QCD models to study QCD chiral/deconfinemnt phase transition. We found that the vector susceptibility obtained in this work agrees with the results from various model calculations and lattice QCD. Just above Tc χV from QCD calculations [12, 17, 18] saturate to the value of the free-quark gas faster(More)