Sang Hyun Oh

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It is one of the problems in association rules mining that a great many of rules generated from the dataset makes it difficult to analyze and use. An algorithm named FCABTAR for association rules clustering is proposed and applied to association rules managing. Firstly, an example is presented to demonstrate the weakness by the distance clustering.(More)
We studied whether bee venom (BV) inhibits cervical tumor growth through enhancement of death receptor (DR) expressions and inactivation of nuclear factor kappa B (NF-κB) in mice. In vivo study showed that BV (1 mg/kg) inhibited tumor growth. Similar inhibitory effects of BV on cancer growth in primary human cervical cancer cells were also found. BV (1-5(More)
BACKGROUND Members of the Maasai tribe spend their days either barefoot or wearing traditional shoes made from recycled car tires. Although they walk long distances (up to 60 km) daily, they do not generally experience foot ailments. Here, we compared parameters associated with the feet, ankles, and gait of middle-aged women in Korea and the Maasai tribe.(More)