Sang-Hyop Lee

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The effect of the presence of supplementary glucose or acetate on the growth and pyridine-degrading activity of freely suspended and calcium-alginate-immobilizedPimelobacter sp. was investigated. Although the supplementary carbon sources could be degraded simultaneously with pyridine,Pimelobacter sp. exhibited a preference for pyridine over supplementary(More)
The incidence and clinical significance was studied in 2574 closed head injury patients, each of them having a Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) 9 to 12 after trauma. All patients underwent computerized tomography (CT) after being admitted to the emergency service. One hundred and six patients (4.1%) experienced seizures within 1 week after head injury; 46 of these(More)
Freely suspended and Ca-alginate-immobilized cells of Pimelobacter sp. were used for degradation of pyridine. When the pyridine concentration was up to 2 g l−1, freely suspended cells completely degraded pyridine regardless of the initial cell concentrations used. However, when the pyridine concentration increased to 4 g l−1, the initial cell concentration(More)
Prenatal care appears to serve as a trigger in increasing the chances for access to subsequent health care services. Although several previous studies have investigated this connection, none have focused specifically on how parents' behavior differs before and after learning the gender of their babies. Investigating parents' behavioral changes after the(More)
A 55-year-old man with recurrent nasopharyngeal carcinoma presented with intractable headaches and intermittent rhinorrhoea for 2 weeks. CT showed severe destruction of the skull base by the tumour. The headache persisted despite intraventricular morphine. On the 29th hospital day, sudden onset of neurological deterioration led to coma, and CT revealed(More)
The shape of the demographic life cycle is of fundamental interest, which demographers recognize through extensive efforts to estimate, describe, and interpret the age-shapes of fertility, mortality, marriage, divorce, and migration. These age-shapes are influenced by biology, culture, economic constraints, and individual choice. Similarly, the shape of the(More)
Population aging produces changes in the availability of kin with uncertain implications for extended living arrangements. We propose a highly stylized model that can be used to analyze and project age-specific proportions of adults living in extended and nuclear households. The model is applied to Taiwan using annual data from 1978-1998. We estimate cohort(More)
Upward intergenerational flows - from the working ages to old age - are increasing substantially in the advanced industrialized countries and are much larger than in developing countries. Population aging is the most important factor leading to this change. Thus, in the absence of a major demographic shift, e.g., a return to high fertility, an increase in(More)