Sang-Hyop Lee

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Prenatal care appears to serve as a trigger in increasing the chances for access to subsequent health care services. Although several previous studies have investigated this connection, none have focused specifically on how parents' behavior differs before and after learning the gender of their babies. Investigating parents' behavioral changes after the(More)
A. INTRODUCTION The ICPD Programme of Action addresses a wide range of issues that bear on poverty reduction. This brief note focuses on the effects of fertility decline associated with improved access to reproductive health services and their quality. The note summarizes new research on the demographic dividend, shows the implications of this work for(More)
The shape of the demographic life cycle is of fundamental interest, which demographers recognize through extensive efforts to estimate, describe, and interpret the age-shapes of fertility, mortality, marriage, divorce, and migration. These age-shapes are influenced by biology, culture, economic constraints, and individual choice. Similarly, the shape of the(More)
  • Sang-Hyop Lee, Gerard Russo, Lawrence H Nitz, Abdul Jabbar, Fellow
  • 2005
Using data from the Current Population Surveys, we examine the impact of Hawaii's mandatory employer-sponsored insurance on health insurance coverage and employment structure in Hawaii. We find empirical evidence of three phenomena. First, private employer-sponsored insurance coverage for full-time workers (more than 20 hours per week) is more prevalent in(More)
The comparative advantage model developed in this paper predicts generalists enjoy a higher rate of return to their overall abilities than specialists, but they must also bear a penalty due to any imbalance in abilities. The predictions are tested using test scores data from the NLSY. The results show that individuals with balanced test scores across(More)
This paper investigates whether workers who use Internet at work earn a higher wage than otherwise similar workers who do not use Internet at work. By replicating Krueger's analysis using recent Current Population Survey data sets, this study is able to compare the similarities and differences of the use of two revolutionary modern technologies, computer(More)
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