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We sought to determine whether intramuscular injection of a recombinant adeno-associated virus (rAAV) vector expressing human factor IX (hF.IX) could direct expression of therapeutic levels of the transgene in experimental animals. High titer (10(12)-10(13) vector genomes/ml) rAAV expressing hF.IX was prepared, purified, and injected into hindlimb muscles(More)
Recombinant adeno-associated virus vectors (AAV) were prepared in high titer (10(12) to 10(13) particles/mL) for the expression of human factor IX after in vivo transduction of murine hepatocytes. Injection of AAV-CMV-F.IX (expression from the human cytomegalovirus IE enhancer/promoter) into the portal vein of adult mice resulted in no detectable human(More)
Mice with hemophilia B have been engineered using gene targeting techniques. These animals exhibit severe factor IX deficiency and a clinical phenotype that mirrors the human disease. We have bred the founder animals onto two different strains of mice, C57B1/6 and CD-1, and have sought to determine whether adenoviral vectors expressing human factor IX could(More)
According to data volumes in scientific applications have grown exponentially, new scientific methods to analyze and organize the data are required. Especially these methods need to support effective infrastructure composed of computing resources that are used for pre-processing and post-processing of scientific data. In this paper, we describe the design(More)
Workflow has been useful in business area for a long time since it helps business process be well defined and be automated. Recently, its use becomes broader and its original model becomes changed. Recent technology such as smart phone and positioning system brings about more dynamic situation to where the workflow can be adopted. The workflow is not routed(More)
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