Sang Hwan Kim

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BACKGROUND Recently, visceral adipose tissue-derived serpin (vaspin) was identified as a potential insulin sensitizing adipokine, however, the factors determining the levels of circulating vaspin levels have not been fully understood. We investigated the association between adiposity, insulin resistance, lipid profiles and inflammatory markers including(More)
BACKGROUND The members of the microtubule-associated protein 1 light chain (MAP1LC) family, especially those of the LC3 family (MAP1LC3A, B, C), are known to induce autophagy upon localization onto the autophagosomal membrane. In this regard, LC3 can be utilized as a marker for the formation of autophagosomes during the process of autophagy. The aims of(More)
CONTEXT Abnormal cortisol levels are a key pathophysiological indicator of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Endogenous normalization of cortisol concentration through exercise may be associated with PTSD symptom reduction. OBJECTIVE The aim of the study was to determine whether mindfulness-based stretching and deep breathing exercise (MBX)(More)
Follicles are important in oocyte maturation. Successful estrous cycle requires remodeling of follicular cells, and proper execution of programmed cell death is crucial for normal follicular development. The objectives of the present study were to understand programmed cell death during follicle development, to analyze the differential follicle development(More)
BACKGROUND The purpose of the current study was to investigate the association between cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF), measured by a simple step test, and the prevalence of metabolic syndrome among Korean adults, in a cross sectional design. METHODS A total of 1,007 Korean adults (488 men and 519 women) who underwent routine health checkups were(More)
BACKGROUND Mind-body practices are increasingly used to provide stress reduction for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Mind-body practice encompasses activities with the intent to use the mind to impact physical functioning and improve health. METHODS This is a literature review using PubMed, PsycINFO, and Published International Literature on(More)
INTRODUCTION Our target device, AIR-Remote, is a rod-shape device with 3gyroscopes and 3 accelerometers so that it can realize the size, shape, speed, and acceleration of a user hand movements in three dimensional space. Like other multimodal approaches have been done, ours also focused on natural and intuitive interaction design, as well as fun-touse(More)
Metformin is an oral antidiabetic drug extensively used to treat the polycystic ovary syndrome in women. Metformin increases insulin-stimulated glucose uptake and has direct effects on ovarian steroidogenesis in humans. However, the molecular mechanisms of metformin' action on the ovary are not clear. To investigate the effects of this drug on the(More)
To determine the differences in the follicular development process of normal and miniature pigs, we compared the expression of matrix metalloproteinases (MMP) in these two breeds throughout folliculogenesis. In normal pigs, MMP-9 was highly expressed in all stages of the follicular development as well as during ovulation. The follicular development(More)