Sang Hwa Lee

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In order to enable the real-time image mosaic in mobile devices that have very limited computing power and memory, we propose an efficient image mosaic algorithm with integer arithmetic. The proposed algorithm is focused not only on the computational efficiency, but also on the performance improvement of image mosaic. For the efficient projection without(More)
This paper proposes a real-time stereo matching algorithm using GPU programming. The likelihood model is implemented using GPU programming for real-time operation. And the prior model is proposed to improve the accuracy of disparity estimation. First, the likelihood matching based on rank transform is implemented in GPU programming. The shared memory(More)
This paper proposes an interactive e-learning system using pattern recognition and augmented reality. The goal of proposed system is to provide students with realistic audio-visual contents when they are leaning. The proposed e-learning system consists of image recognition, color and polka-dot pattern recognition, and augmented reality engine with(More)
PURPOSE Alteration of cadherin expression is associated with the loss of cellular differentiation, the acquisition of an invasive phenotype and a poor prognosis in many types of cancer. This study aimed to evaluate the immunoreactivity of E-, P- and N-cadherins (cad) in oral squamous cell carcinoma and to correlate their expression with clinicopathological(More)
Rhabdoid colorectal carcinomas are very rare and only 10 cases have been previously reported. We report two cases of rhabdoid colorectal carcinoma, one arising in the sigmoid colon of a 62-year-old man and another in the rectum of an 83-year-old woman. In both cases, the patients had advanced tumors with lymph node metastases. The tumors mostly showed a(More)
The dark channel prior is generally a powerful prior for single image dehazing, but it is invalid when there are objects which have similar colors to the atmospheric light. It is difficult to find the accurate transmission factor in this case, and thus the results show some color distortion. This paper proposes a new algorithm for the estimation of correct(More)
In this paper, we propose a new deinterlacing algorithm using edge direction field, edge parity, and motion expansion scheme. The algorithm consists of an EDI (edge dependent interpolation)-based intra-field deinterlacing and inter-field deinterlacing that uses block-based motion detection. Most of the EDI algorithms use pixel-by-pixel or block-by-block(More)
This paper proposes a motion vector (MV) prediction algorithm for increasing the gain of multiview video coding (MVC). In the conventional MVC algorithms, the main feature that brings coding gain is the interview MV estimation and compensation in anchor frames. Although all the other frames (non-anchor frames) also consider both temporal and interview MVs,(More)
This paper proposes a panoramic image mosaic system for mobile devices. The proposed panoramic mosaic system is optimized for mobile devices by integer- programmable algorithms, and is user-friendly designed by 4- directional auto-shot interface. The proposed system consists of image acquisition by auto-shot interface, image transform onto cylindrical(More)
This paper proposes a stochastic approach to estimate the disparity field combined with line field. In the maximum a posteriori (MAP) method based on Markov random field (MRF) model, it is important to optimize and converge the Gibbs potential function corresponding to the perturbed disparity field. The proposed optimization method, stochastic diffusion,(More)