Sang-Hoon Lee

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We estimate the factors determining specialization of crop choice at the level of individual fields, distinguishing between the role of natural advantage (soil characteristics) and economies of density (scale economies achieved when farmers plant neighboring fields with the same crop). Using rich geographic data from North Dakota, including new data on crop(More)
The concepts of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and user experience have been identified as core determinants of the success of service providers. Accordingly, practitioners and researchers have investigated the effects of service providers' CSR and user experience on behavioral intention to use a particular service. Based on the importance of these(More)
Since the introduction of corporate social responsibility (CSR), it has become an important duty of companies and organizations. In addition, academic and industry researchers have attempted to explore the effects of corporate social responsibility on firm performance. To this end, this study examined how corporate social responsibility and service quality(More)
  • Sanghoon Lee, Daejong Kim, Michael D Bryant, Frederick F Ling
  • 2005
A micro corona motor was fabricated and tested. Intense electric fields at sharp stator electrodes ionize air molecules, and ionized charges are transferred onto the rotor surface. Coulomb repulsion between rotor and electrodes rotates and levitates the rotor. Important design parameters, such as electrode spacing, air gap, and electrode-tilt angle, were(More)
Silks produced by spiders and silkworms are charming natural biological materials with highly optimized hierarchical structures and outstanding physicomechanical properties. The superior performance of silks relies on the integration of a unique protein sequence, a distinctive spinning process, and complex hierarchical structures. Silks have been prepared(More)
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