Sang Ho Jung

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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the surgical outcome in patients who have undergone mastoid and epitympanic obliteration technique. STUDY DESIGN : Retrospective review. SETTING Tertiary care referral center. PATIENTS The study group included 151 patients with cholesteatoma who underwent mastoid and epitympanic obliteration technique. This technique was applied(More)
CONCLUSION The Na-K-2Cl cotransporter-1 (NKCCl) may be essential for the maintenance and functioning of the vestibular morphology in mice and it is strongly expressed in human vestibular end organs. OBJECTIVE NKCCl is a member of the cation-coupled chloride transporter which participates in salt transport and cell volume regulation in diverse tissues.(More)
Purinergic agonists regulate mucin secretion in the airway epithelial cells. This study examined the effects of the apical application of purinergic agonists on Ca(2+) influx ([Ca(2+)](i)), and mucin secretion along with their underlying signaling pathway in normal human middle ear epithelial (NHMEE) cells. The apical membrane of NHMEE cells were stimulated(More)
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