Sang Ha Yoo

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Silicon nanoparticles (Si NPs) wrapped by graphene in carbon nanofibers were obtained via electrospinning and subsequent thermal treatment. In this study, water-soluble poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA) with low carbon yield is selected to make the process water-based and to achieve a high silicon yield in the composite. It was also found that increasing the amount(More)
A quantitative method to determine the profile of the residual stress along the depth of a highly boron doped silicon film is reported. First, the stress profile relative to the stress at the neutral surface of the film is obtained by measuring deflection of p silicon cantilevers with different etch depths. Second, the average of the residual stress is(More)
We report a facile air-controlled electrospray method to directly deposit binder-free active materials/graphene oxide (GO) onto current collectors. This method is inspired from an electrospinning process, and possesses all the advantages that electrospinning has such as low cost, easy scaling up, and simultaneous solvent evaporation during the spraying(More)
A general approach for fabricating free-standing metal sulfide and carbon nanofiber mats is developed via electrospinning, starting with cheap and abundant raw materials. The prepared free-standing samples have metal sulfide nanoparticles dispersed throughout the interconnected carbon fibers. When applied to LIB, the composites demonstrate excellent(More)
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