Sang H. Son

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An important function of many cyber-physical systems (CPS) is to provide a close monitoring of the operation environment to be able to adapt to changing situations effectively. One of the commonly applied techniques for that is to invoke time-constrained periodic application transactions to check the status of the operation environment. The status of the(More)
This paper presents PRIDE, a novel data abstraction layer for collaborative 2-tier sensor network applications. PRIDE, more specifically, targets distributed real-time applications, in which multiple collaborative mobile devices have to analyze a global situation by collecting and managing data streams from massive underlying sensors. PRIDE at these devices(More)
— This paper is concerned with the analysis and design of secure Distributed Control Systems in the face of integrity attacks on sensors and controllers by external attackers or insiders. In general a DCS consists of many het-erogenous components and agents including sensors, actuators, controllers. Due to its distributed nature, some agents may start(More)
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