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Chronic recurrent attacks of vertigo, not associated with any auditory or neurological symptoms, are a common reason for referral to our neurotology clinic. Even after an extensive neurotological evaluation, some cases remain undiagnosed. We prospectively evaluated 72 consecutive patients who presented to the clinic with isolated recurrent vertigo of(More)
UNLABELLED Pedal onychomycosis is a common malady caused by dermatophytes, saprophytes, and yeasts. Traditional treatment options for this condition include toenail debridement, and pharmacological therapies that range from the application of topical agents to the oral administration of antifungal medications. In this study, 55 patients (289 toenails) were(More)
BACKGROUND In case reports, migraine headaches have been associated with fluctuating low-frequency hearing loss and sudden, unilateral hearing loss. Auditory symptoms associated with migrainous infarction have not previously been emphasized. OBJECTIVE To describe migrainous infarction presenting with acute auditory symptoms. DESIGN Case reports. (More)
The incidence of atypical handedness (left-handedness and ambidexterity) in patients with epilepsy, particularly its association with major clinical factors, is not well established. We evaluated a full range of clinical variables in 478 patients with epilepsy from the United States and Korea. With the Edinburgh Handedness Inventory, handedness was(More)
Older adults perform much like younger adults on language. This similar level of performance, however, may come about through different underlying brain processes. In the present study, we evaluated age-related differences in the brain areas outside the typical language areas among adults using a category decision task. Our results showed that similar(More)
Risk stratification using number, size, and histology of colorectal adenomas is currently suboptimal for identifying patients at increased risk for future colorectal cancer. We hypothesized that molecular markers of carcinogenesis in adenomas, measured via immunohistochemistry, may help identify high-risk patients. To test this hypothesis, we conducted a(More)
We describe a patient with seizures arising from right anterior-inferior frontal lobe presenting as myoclonic epilepsy. A 19-year-old man had experienced frequent paroxysmal bilateral myoclonic jerks involving his upper arms, shoulders, neck, and upper trunk since the age of 10. His baseline EEG showed intermittent right frontal spikes, and his ictal EEG(More)
Full Title: Molecular markers of carcinogenesis for risk stratification of individuals with colorectal polyps: a case-control study. Author manuscripts have been peer reviewed and accepted for publication but have not yet been edited. Medical Research, and its contents are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the(More)
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