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Presented in the paper is an efficient pair-wise offset algorithm for closed 2D point-sequence curves (PS-curve). A key feature of the proposed algorithm is that all local invalid loops are removed from the input PS-curve before constructing a raw offset-curve, by invoking a pair-wise interference-detection (PWID) test. In the PWID test, each pair of(More)
For die-cavity pocketing, contour-parallel machining is the most popular machining strategy. Two issues in generating contour-parallel tool paths for pocketing are: (1) a robust two-dimensional (2D)-curve offsetting algorithm; and (2) detecting and removing uncut regions. The 2D-curve offsetting solution has been widely studied, because it has so many(More)
This paper proposes a scanning procedure using an structured light system (SLS). To respond to the increasing needs of reverse engineering, it becomes very important to achieve high efficiency of measuring procedure. As an SLS can measure only the visible area from a specific direction, it is necessary to scan multiple times to obtain a complete model.(More)