Sang Ahm Lee

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PURPOSE To investigate seizure frequency in relation to menstrual cycles and seizure exacerbations with respect to various clinical factors in women with epilepsy. METHODS The authors prospectively evaluated premenopausal women with epilepsy aged 15-44. Catamenial epilepsy was defined as seizure frequency during the perimenstrual (C1), periovulatory (C2)(More)
We evaluated the factors that influence the use of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) by people with epilepsy. Two hundred forty-six people were recruited from an outpatient clinic. Data on CAM utilization in the past 5 years as well as in the near future were collected via face-to-face structured interviews, and the factors contributing to CAM(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE There are currently few studies on clinical profiles of reflex epilepsy induced by thinking and spatial tasks. We studied the clinical characteristics of reflex epilepsy induced by playing oriental card and board games. METHODS This study included 17 patients who presented with seizures that occur predominantly while playing games.(More)
PURPOSE To identify the probable etiologies and characteristics of new-onset seizures after orthotopic liver transplantation (OLT) and to assess their clinical implications and prognosis. METHODS We retrospectively analyzed the clinical, electrophysiologic and laboratory data of 17 patients with new-onset seizures after OLT among 367 adult and pediatric(More)
BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVES Feeding in infancy is the most significant determinant of the intestinal microbiota in early life. The aim of this study was to determine the gut microbiota of Korean infants and compare the microbiota obtained between breast-fed and formula-fed Korean infants. SUBJECTS/METHODS We analyzed the microbial communities in fecal samples(More)
This prospective, open-label study evaluated the efficacy and safety of adjunctive levetiracetam (LEV) in Korean adults with uncontrolled partial epilepsy. Study patients had to have an average of at least 1 and not more than 14 partial seizures per month (averaged over a 3-month historical baseline) despite the use of one or two AEDs. Patients initially(More)
Public misconception of epilepsy may lead to significant stigma to the disease itself, thereby causing impaired quality of life in people with epilepsy. Traditionally, epilepsy has been considered to be the consequence of evanescent spiritual forces, and even demonic possession (in many countries). The names of epilepsy in some East Asian countries(More)
Non-spine bone metastasis accounts for approximately 20% of all skeletal metastases, but little data have been published that focused on bone metastasis to the pelvis and extremities as an initial manifestation of cancer. We determined 1) clinicopathologic characteristics of patients who presented with non-spine bone metastasis of unknown primary(More)
We investigated whether there is a cluster effect depending on localization of seizure foci in patients with bilateral seizure foci. We evaluated 171 seizure pairs from 193 seizures recorded in 28 patients. Seizure lateralization was determined by the lateralization of ictal discharges; if the ictal EEG pattern was not lateralized, lateralization was(More)
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