Sanford M Meyers

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In this phase III randomized study, 124 evaluable patients with unresectable non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) were randomized to vindesine v cisplatin (120 mg/m2) plus vindesine v cisplatin (60 mg/m2) plus vindesine plus mitomycin C. The objective response rate for cisplatin and vindesine was 27% v 20% for cisplatin, vindesine, and mitomycin C, and 14%(More)
PURPOSE Little information exists regarding recurrent retinal detachment after 1 or more years of complete retinal reattachment. To better understand this uncommon problem, we evaluated late recurrent retinal detachments in relation to the contemporary classification of proliferative vitreoretinopathy (PVR). DESIGN Retrospective consecutive noncomparative(More)
BACKGROUND Neurofibromatosis has been recently acknowledged as consisting of a number of different diseases. Neurofibromatosis (NF) type I and NF type II are the most clearly defined. Type II is characterized by bilateral acoustic neuromas and is rare (its incidence is 1/50,000). The previously reported ocular associations of NF type II are posterior(More)
Of 32 patients (19 females and 13 males, ranging in age from 2 to 44 years), nine had ocular problems related to neutrophil dysfunction. Four patients had blepharokeratoconjunctivitis and pannus formation. In one of these, severe visual loss secondary to corneal thinning and scarring occurred. Five patients had inactive chorioretinal scars without visual(More)
PURPOSE To determine the importance of genetic factors in age-related macular degeneration by using a twin study to compare the concordance of age-related macular degeneration in monozygotic and dizygotic twin pairs. METHODS We prospectively examined 134 consecutive twin pairs and two triplet sets for age-related macular degeneration. The zygosity was(More)
An ultrastructural study of a postmortem donor eye from a 24-year-old male patient with sex-linked retinitis pigmentosa showed abnormalities in all remaining cones and rods. Central foveal cones were reduced in number by about 50% and had shortened and severely distorted outer segments. Cones from the parafovea through the midperiphery gradually decreased(More)
BACKGROUND/PURPOSE Cumulative sunlight exposure and cataract surgery are reported risk factors for advanced age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Laboratory studies suggest that accumulation and photochemical reactions of A2E (N-retinylidene-N-retinylethanolamine) and its epoxides, components of lipofuscin, are important in AMD. To relate this data to the(More)
To determine the efficacy of pneumatic retinopexy, the authors conducted a retrospective study of 56 cases of uncomplicated retinal detachments (RDs) treated with this technique (follow-up, 6-18 months). These were compared with 28 similar cases treated with a Lincoff balloon and 78 similar cases treated with a scleral buckle. The long-term success rates(More)