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Theoretically there are factors that influence the choice of FDI locations such as transport, availability of labor and raw materials, market structure, government laws, industrial sites, the community, utilities, tax structure, and the climate in the country to be invested as well as the international factors. However the significant factors differ between(More)
This study aims to formulate a model of zakat compliance for formal zakat collection institutions based upon tax compliance model. The study further conducts an empirical examination of the application of the model developed utilizing a case study on the Province of Acheh. The study demonstrates that it is possible to construct a zakat compliance model(More)
Die etwa 1,2 Mio. seit Herbst 2014 in Deutschland registrierten Flüchtlinge werden häufig als Herausforderung für das hiesige medizinische Versorgungssystem wahrgenommen, da akut ein hoher Versorgungsbedarf auf nicht ausreichende Versorgungskapazitäten getroffen ist. Diese Versorgungssituation ist in der Tat neu für ein westeuropäisches Gesundheitssystem,(More)
In Malaysia, the various economic reforms and strategies undertaken by the government since the Third Malaysia Plan beginning in 1971 until the present Ninth Malaysia Plan have not brought about significant convergence in real per capita income and output across the country. Despite all states recording economic growth, the development gap between regions,(More)
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