Sanem Demirtepe

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Since the first observation of hemoglobin S (Hb S) in Turkey by Aksoy, the number of hemoglobin variants reported was increased. Beta globin gene cluster haplotypes are being used to determine the origin of the mutations under interest. We studied the beta globin gene cluster haplotypes for the six different abnormal hemoglobins which are Hb S, Hb D-Los(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the characteristic features of the rare hemoglobin (Hb) variant Hb Yaizu to enable laboratory diagnosis of the hemoglobin variants during screening programs. MATERIALS AND METHODS Genomic DNA was obtained from the 4 members of a family living in Denizli province, an Aegean region of Turkey. Blood cell counts, hemoglobin composition,(More)
Hb Tunis [beta124(H2)Pro>Ser] was reported from Tunisia in 1988. This hemoglobin variant was detected by isoelectric focusing moving just ahead of Hb A. It cannot be identified by standard hemoglobin electrophoresis due to its similar mobility to Hb A. It has normal stability and oxygen affinity and does not produce any clinical symptoms. Here, we report a(More)
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