Sandy Stepanov

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Positively charged hydrophobic pesticides of the dipyridyl family [diquat, paraquat, benzylviologen (BV++), etc.] were shown to provoke accumulation of 2-methylbutane-1,2,3,4-tetraol-2,4- cyclopyrophosphate in the cells Corynebacterium (Brevibacterium) ammoniagenes while neutral dipyridyls were not. Hydrophobicity was also an important factor in this(More)
The types of recovery processes were demonstrated in experiments on albino rats damaged with 252Cf. The frequency and the degree of manifestation of both pathological and recovery processes were function of radiation dose and time of its formation. The results obtained indicate that changes induced by the incorporation of 252Cf, within a wide range of(More)
The influence of nuclear-powered utilization (disjunction) upon the state of health of the soil, vegetation and atmospheric air was studied. It was stated that the concentration of hazardous metals in the air of an industrial site did not exceed the permissible levels. In the residential area the cases of increased concentrations of manganese and chromium(More)
Evidence was obtained that beta-carotene injected to rats subcutaneously or per os two times, 4 h and 19 h, before irradiation reduced their death rate from acute affection. The effect was almost invariable with the drug administered either before or after irradiation. The radioprotective efficacy of beta-carotene was attributed to its ability to scavenge(More)
The markers of impairments of the nervous system were evaluated in rats at various time points after a sodium thiopental injection at the LD50 using biochemical and immunohistochemical methods. The thiopental coma state was associated with a decrease in the levels of superoxide dismutase 6 h after the injection, glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase 24 and 72 h(More)
Cyanide-ferrihemoglobin (myoglobin) interaction was studied by freeze-quenching technique and low-temperature ESR at various pH values. New ESR signals of these low-spin cyanide-protein complexes were recorded. These signals were interpreted as indication of the appearance of conformationally non-equilibrium states of these complexes. The relaxation to the(More)