Sandy Schumann

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Past research has shown that the experience of taste can be influenced by a range of external cues, especially when they concern food's quality. The present research examined whether food's ethicality - a cue typically unrelated to quality - can also influence taste. We hypothesised that moral satisfaction with the consumption of ethical food would(More)
We developed a heuristic for assessing the usability of mobile user-interfaces in life-threating, time-critical and unstable situations in a qualitative way. The major advantages of our approach as opposed to standardized quantitative questionnaires is the independence from a baseline, the possibility to make absolute statements and the potential for(More)
Es wird ein kulturanalytischer Ansatz vorgestellt, der die Einbindung zukünftiger Nutzer in den Entwicklungsprozess eines mobilen Endgerätes zur Kommunikation in Großschadenslagen garantiert. Am Beispiel der Polizei in Deutschland werden Ergebnisse der Kulturanalyse abgeleitet, die in direkten Implikationen für die Gestaltung einer technischen Lösung(More)
In line with Allport's contact hypothesis, previous research showed that direct intergroup contact can reduce prejudices. However, establishing face-to-face contact is not always feasible. We postulate that Facebook-groups are a setting where direct and observed intergroup contact can develop, reducing prejudices and increasing mutual acceptance. Analyzing(More)
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