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Catholic teaching has no moral difficulties with research on stem cells derived from adult stem cells or fetal cord blood. The ethical problem comes with embryonic stem cells since their genesis involves the destruction of a human embryo. However, there seems to be significant promise of health benefits from such research. Although Catholic teaching does(More)
GASTROENTEROLOGY AND NUTRITION FIRST SESSION May 2, 1984, 8:30 AM Pacific Room Moderators: Harry L. Greene and Andrea M. Weber 1. 8:30 SERUM BILE ACIDS IN THE HUMAN FETUS. C. Colombo, A. Roda and F. Sereni, Dept. of Ped., Univ. of Milan and Inst. of Chem., Univ. of Bologna, Italy. (587) 2. 8:45 POSTNATAL MATURATION OF HEPATIC BILE FORMATION IN THE RABBIT.(More)
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