Sandy M. Stubbs

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Thirteen pregnant insulin-dependent diabetic patients were allocated to blood-glucose self-monitoring (meter) or conventionally treated (non-meter) groups at 30--31 weeks. A day-profile of blood-glucose and intermediary metabolite levels was obtained 2 weeks later at home and after routine admission to hospital at 35--36 weeks. Metabolic profiles were also(More)
Two hundred and thirty pregnancies were studied in 196 diabetic women. Seven women with babies found to have major malformations had a higher median first trimester haemoglobin A1 (12.9%) than the median HbA1 (10.8%) in those with normal babies (p = 0.06). No relationship was found between the occurrence of minor malformations and first trimester maternal(More)
The practical management of premature labour is described, illustrated by ten cases. All the patients were treated with β-sympathomimetic infusion, either salbutamol (0.4–1.6 mg/h) or ritodrine hydrochloride (2–6 mg/h), to stop uterine contractions, and with intramuscular dexamethasone 4 mg eight hourly to accelerate foetal lung maturity. Satisfactory(More)
An airplane ground-handling simulator is being developed to provide a research tool for Iinvestigating, in perfect safety, directional control and braking problems of airplanes on slippery runways in the presence of crosswinds. One excellent example of its application is to explore airplane control problems during high-speed turnoffs from main runways onto(More)
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