Sandy Gentner

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The proteome of growing cells of Bacillus subtilis was analyzed in order to provide the basis for its application in microbial physiology. DNA arrays were used to calculate the number of genes transcribed in growing cells. From the 4100 B. subtilis genes, 2515 were actively transcribed in cells grown under standard conditions. From these genes 1544 proteins(More)
It has been suggested that many geometric illusions are caused by the application of depth or size constancy rules to an image which does not have sufficient cues to establish that the elements lie in a flat plane. Thus, converging lines are taken as depth cues, and the attributed depth provides the basis for adjusting the perceived size of stimulus(More)
A method is described for determining stable cobalt concentrations in fish flesh and bone using polarized Zeeman effect graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry (ZAAS). Cobalt analysis on freshwater fish flesh samples (10 g dry weight) required predigestion and wet-ashing at 70-80 degrees C. Cobalt is chelated with ammonium pyrrolidine(More)
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