Sandy G Brauer

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Dizziness and or unsteadiness, associated with episodes of loss of balance, are frequent complaints in those suffering from persistent problems following a whiplash injury. Research has been inconclusive with respect to possible aetiology, discriminative tests and analyses used. The aim of this pilot research was to identify the test conditions and the most(More)
Depression is common in older people and symptoms of depression are known to substantially increase during hospitalization. There is little known about predictors of depressive symptoms in older adults or impact of common interventions during hospitalization. This study aimed to describe the magnitude of depressive symptoms, shift of depressive symptoms and(More)
RATIONALE Although continuous positive airway pressure is used extensively in neonatal intensive care units, and despite the belief that positioning is considered vital to the maintenance of good lung ventilation, no data exist on regional ventilation distribution in infants on continuous positive airway pressure ventilatory support. OBJECTIVES To(More)
RATIONALE Positioning is considered vital to the maintenance of good lung ventilation by optimizing oxygen transport and gas exchange in ventilated premature infants. Previous studies suggest that the prone position is advantageous; however, no data exist on regional ventilation distribution for this age group. OBJECTIVES To investigate the effect of body(More)
Background: Community rehabilitation services for older adults aim to address factors that lead to physical decline and falls and return people to their normal activities in the community. While community rehabilitation has been proven effective in reducing falls in the elderly, previous studies have not specified whether delivering services at home or in a(More)
There is evidence to implicate the role of the cervical spine in influencing postural control, however the underlying mechanisms are unknown. The aim of this study was to explore standing postural control mechanisms in older adults with neck pain (NP) using measures of signal frequency (wavelet analysis) and complexity (entropy). This cross-sectional study(More)
BACKGROUND To compare the effect of two modes of delivering a falls prevention service in reducing the rate of falls and improving quality of life, activity levels, and physical status among older adults with a history of recent falls. METHODS A randomized controlled trial was conducted with a total of 107 participants with blinded baseline and follow-up(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS In-hospital fall-related injuries are a source of personal harm, preventable hospitalisation costs, and access block through increased length of stay. Despite increased fall prevention awareness and activity over the last decade, rates of reported fall-related fractures in hospitals appear not to have decreased. This cluster randomised(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify and compare the minimum number of clients that a multidisciplinary falls prevention service delivered through domiciliary or centre-based care needs to treat to allow the service to reach a 'break-even' point. METHOD A break-even analysis was undertaken for each of two models of care for a multidisciplinary community rehabilitation(More)
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