Sandy A Chudek

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Chick embryos are useful models for probing developmental mechanisms including those involved in organogenesis. In addition to classic embryological manipulations, it is possible to test the function of molecules and genes while the embryo remains within the egg. Here we define conditions for imaging chick embryo anatomy and for visualising living quail(More)
Gross similarities between the external appearance of the hind limbs of the peroneal muscle atrophy (pma) mouse mutant and congenital talipes equinovarus (CTEV), a human disorder historically referred to as 'clubfoot', suggested that this mutant could be a useful model. We used micro-magnetic resonance imaging to visualize the detailed anatomy of the hind(More)
AIMS To investigate various protocols for magnetic labeling of human cancer cells with ferumoxides with a view to developing an effective and fast technique for potential clinical use in MRI. MATERIALS & METHODS Transfection methods utilizing poly-L-lysine and protamine sulfate (PS), electroporation, and combination of PS with electroporation were(More)
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