Sandro Rossi

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Program veriication is a crucial issue in the eld of program development, compilation and debugging. In this paper, we present an analyser for Prolog which aims at verifying whether the execution of a program behaves according to a given speciication (behavioural assumptions). The analyser is based on the methodology of abstract interpretation. A novel(More)
In this paper a general purpose fuzzy expert system is presented for low level image segmentation. By means of approximate reasoning based on fuzzy logic, the criticality of the choice of the several thresholds and parameters which usually must be tuned to make the expert system work properly is reduced. More specifically, it is proved that, by keeping(More)
We investigated individuals' ability to use negative evidence in hypothesis testing. We compared performance in two versions of Wason's (1960) rule discovery problem. In the original version, a triple of numbers--(2, 4, 6)--was presented as an example of a rule that the experimenter had in mind (i.e., "increasing numbers"). Participants had to discover the(More)
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