Sandro Pampallona

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Immigrant mothers in developed countries often experience worse pregnancy outcomes than native women. Several epidemiological studies have described the pregnancy outcome of immigrant women in European receiving countries, with conflicting results. The present systematic review makes a quantitative synthesis of available evidence on the association between(More)
BACKGROUND Antidepressant drugs are usually prescribed at low doses, possibly to avoid adverse reactions. No comprehensive review has addressed the issue of dose, clinical response and tolerability in a quantitative way. AIMS To determine whether high doses of antidepressants are more effective than low doses, and how safety is affected by dose. METHOD(More)
Prevalence and risk factors for extrapyramidal syndromes (EPS) were investigated in a sample of 1,559 patients. The overall prevalence of EPS was 29.4% (N = 458). Among the EPS-diagnosed patients, parkinsonism as assessed by the presence of core parkinsonian symptoms (rigidity, tremor, bradykinesia) was present in 65.9% of patients (N = 302), akathisia in(More)
BACKGROUND Non-adherence with antidepressant treatment is very common. Increasing adherence to pharmacological treatment may affect response rate. AIMS To review and summarise quantitative evidence on factors associated with adherence and of adherence-enhancing interventions. METHOD A systematic review of computerised databases was carried out to(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the feasibility, tolerance, and preliminary outcome of an open MRI-guided prostate partial-volume high-dose-rate brachytherapy (HDR-BT) schedule in a group of selected patients with nonmetastatic, locally aggressive prostatic tumors. METHODS AND MATERIALS After conventional fractionated three-dimensional conformal external radiotherapy(More)
BACKGROUND Adherence to antidepressant medication use is a problem in clinical practice. Some authors have posited that combined psychological treatment facilitates adherence to pharmacotherapy. OBJECTIVES To study the relationship between adherence to use of and efficacy of antidepressant drugs plus psychological treatment vs drug treatment alone in(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To contribute to the current debate about the relative merits of meta-analysis of the literature (MAL) and of individual patients data (MAP). DESIGN Identification of published randomized trials and extraction of essential results directly from the published reports. SETTING Chemotherapy vs supportive care in advanced non-small-cell lung(More)
Mutations of the TP53 and Ki-ras genes have been reported to be of prognostic importance in colorectal carcinomas. An increased intracellular concentration of the p53 protein, although not identical to, is sometimes seen in tumours with TP53 mutation and has been correlated with poor prognosis in some tumour types. Previous colorectal cancer studies,(More)
PURPOSE Ocular melanoma is characterized by a high rate of liver metastases and is associated with a median survival time less than 5 months. There is no standard treatment available. Treatment strategies have, without success, relied on the experience with metastatic cutaneous melanoma. The only effective treatment is chemoembolization using cisplatin and(More)
The relation between age of parents and the risk of complete and partial hydatidiform mole was examined using data from a case-control study conducted in Northern Italy of 149 histologically confirmed complete moles, 45 partial moles and 306 controls subjects who delivered normal babies. Compared to women aged 21 to 35, the relative risk (RR) of complete(More)