Sandro Gaycken

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“Does not compute” was a catchphrase in old science fiction works. It was mostly uttered by robots that were in the unfortunate situation of having to understand the human conditions in computational logic. The robots frequently exploded in such cases. IT-security finds itself in a similar situation. It has to understand a new situation: a revolutionary(More)
Durch die juristische und die technische Komplexität von überwachung und Datenschutz muss das die informationelle Selbstbestimmung herstellende sichere Wissen heute durch Vertrauen ersetzt werden. Allerdings wird dieses Vertrauen nicht objektiv und rational, sondern subjektiv und reduziert-rational gebildet. Dies ist eine folgenreiche Einschränkung, da so(More)
In the past, Computer Network Defense (CND) intended to be minimally intrusive to the other requirements of IT development, business, and operations. This paper outlines how different security paradigms have failed to become effective defense approaches, and what the root cause of the current situation is. Based on these observations, a different point of(More)
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