Sandro Ferreira

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This work presents an implementation of a Direct Torque Control (DTC) strategy, which is used to control induction motors. Following a tendency in the research area, the algorithm proposed is implemented in an unique FPGA substrate, which allows for a faster validation andsimplifies the control structure. A binary format is used with a variable word-size(More)
[Purpose] This study investigated the effects of musical tempo on physiological, affective, and perceptual responses as well as the performance of self-selected walking pace. [Subjects] The study included 28 adult women between 29 and 51 years old. [Methods] The subjects were divided into three groups: no musical stimulation group (control), and 90 and 140(More)
[Purpose] The aim of this study was to observe the effect of self-selected intensity or imposed intensity during aerobic training on perceptual and affective responses in obese women. [Subjects] The study included 26 obese women aged 30-60 years. [Methods] The subjects were randomly divided into two groups, with 13 subjects in each group: self-selected(More)
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