Sandro Bologna

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  • Adam Maria Gadomski, Sandro Bologna, Giovanni Di Costanzo, Anna Perini, Marco Schaerf, A M Gadomski +4 others
  • 2001
The paper presents ENEA's next step towards the development of Intelligent Decision Support Systems (IDSS) for large-scale industrial and territorial emergencies. The prototype IDA (Intelligent Decision Advisor) for emergency management in an oil port is analysed as a test case. The work was performed under the national R&D MICA project and specifically(More)
The fundamental elements of the LHCb Monte Carlo production system are described, covering security, job submission, execution, data handling and bookkeeping. An analysis is given of the main requirements for GRID facilities, together with some discussion as to how the GRID can enhance this system. A summary is given of the first experiences in moving the(More)
The detailed simulation of interdependent critical infrastructures is a hard problem. Major challenges include modeling multiple heterogeneous infrastructures in a single framework and expressing internal dependencies and interdependencies between infrastructures. This paper attempts to address these issues by proposing a simulation framework where several(More)
— During the last years man efforts have been devoted to inspect the interdependence among Critical Infrastructures. Even assuming that the asset owners are supposed to handle their own possible misbehaviours properly, critical events maybe triggered by infrastructure's interactions. Therefore the need to handle and possibly measure inter-dependencies.(More)
  • T Holdstock, A Sorniotti, M Everitt, M Fracchia, S Bologna, S Bertolotto
  • 2012
The electric vehicle is becoming increasingly prevalent as a viable option to replace hydrocarbon fuelled vehicles, and as such the development of high efficiency fully electric drivetrains is a particularly relevant research topic. The drivetrain topology is one of the main focuses of research on fully electric drivetrains, because of the variety of(More)