Sandro Badame

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The number of end-users who write spreadsheet programs is at least an order of magnitude larger than the number of trained programmers who write professional software. We studied a corpus of 3691 spreadsheets and we found that their formulas are riddled with the same smells that plague professional software: hardcoded constants, duplicated expressions,(More)
A mutation testing tool takes as input a system under test and a test suite and produces as output the mutation score of the test suite. The tool systematically creates mutants by making small syntactic changes to the system under test and executes the test suite to determine which mutants give different results from the original system. Almost all mutation(More)
Despite significant progress in recent years, the important problem of static race detection remains open. Previous techniques took a general approach and looked for races by analyzing the effects induced by low-level concurrency constructs (e.g., java.lang.Thread). But constructs and libraries for expressing parallelism at a higher level (e.g., fork-join,(More)
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