Sandrine Vinchon-Petit

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Purpose of this study was to determine the effect of waiting time for radiotherapy on overall survival of patients with glioblastoma treated in the EORTC-NCIC trial at 18 centers in France. A total of 400 adult patients with glioblastoma who were treated between January 1, 2006 and December 31, 2006 were included. There were 282 patients with “minimum(More)
PURPOSE Radiotherapy has been shown to be an effective for the treatment human glioma and consists of 30 fractions of 2 Gy each for 6-7 weeks in the tumor volume with margins. However. in preclinical studies, many different radiation schedules are used. The main purpose of this work was to review the relevant literature and to propose an external(More)
The objective of the present study was to investigate the interest of convection-enhanced delivery (CED) for the administration of a nanocarrier-based radiosensitizing chemotherapy in the rat brain. Pursuing on newly developed lipid nanocapsules (LNC) that can be internalised within brain tumour cells, we studied their intracerebral distribution when(More)
The goal of the present study was to evaluate the efficacy of a new organometallic drug, ferrociphenol (Fc-diOH), in combination with external radiotherapy in intracerebral 9L glioma model. We tested the hypothesis that the combination of external radiotherapy with Fc-diOH could potentiate the action of this drug. 9L cells were treated with Fc-diOH-LNCs(More)
We evaluated the safety and the efficacy of doxorubicin drug eluting beads "CM-BC1" when used locally in a 9L glioma model. Twenty microlitres of 1mg/ml CM-BC1 (4μg/rat), 10mg/ml CM-BC1 (40μg/rat) or unloaded beads were injected into the brain of 27 rats which was analyzed on day 8, month 3 or month 6. Then, after tumor implantation, rats were treated(More)
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