Sandrine Pierlot

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Owing to the intensive use of pesticides and their potential persistence in the environment, various pesticide residues can be found in the diet. Consumers are therefore exposed to complex pesticide mixtures which may have combined adverse effects on human health. By modelling food exposure to multiple pesticides, this paper aims to determine the main(More)
Due to the broad spectrum of pesticide usages, consumers are exposed to mixtures of residues, which may have combined effects on human health. The PERICLES research program aims to test the potential combined effects of pesticide mixtures, which are likely to occur through dietary exposure. The co-exposure of the French general population to 79 pesticide(More)
Our world of industry and technology has, over the years, has seen undeniable successes in terms of safety and reliability. But major catastrophes and dramatic accidents continue, even today, to cause major human and material losses and to threaten the environment with pollution on a massive scale. Could these disasters and these accidents have been(More)
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