Sandrine Ollier

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  • A D Blainey, S Ollier, D Cundell, R E Smith, R J Davies
  • 1986
Occupational asthma among hairdressers has been recognised for some years and cases of work related asthma due to hair bleaches containing persulphates and hair dyes have been reported. The extent of the disease among hairdressers remains unknown. An investigation was carried out on an entire hairdressing salon, which specialised in hair bleaching and(More)
Storage mites (acarid mites) are related to the house dust mite but are usually found in agricultural environments. They have been shown to cause allergic symptoms in Scottish farmworkers exposed to stored hay, but whether farmworkers who grow and store grain are also at risk is unknown. One hundred and one farmworkers on 22 Essex farms with grain storage(More)
Four experiments were conducted to investigate the factors controlling prolactin (PRL) release at milking. Each experiment used 9 dairy cows in mid-lactation in a 3 × 3 Latin square design. Experiment 1 evaluated the effect of premilking stimulation. The milking unit was attached after 0, 20, or 120 s of manual stimulation. Blood samples were collected from(More)
This paper analyzes optimal contracting when an agent has private information before contracting and exerts hidden effort that stochastically affects the output. Additionally, the contract is constrained to satisfy the agent's ex post participation. We highlight three features of this model. First, the agent faces countervailing incentives. Second, the(More)
This paper analyzes a principal-agent model in which the agent has private information before contracting with the principal and ex-post private decision. These inputs determine the random output accruing to the principal. We characterize the optimal menu of contracts between a risk-neutral principal and a risk-neutral agent when the agent has limited(More)
The paper is devoted to the mathematical analysis of an optimal control problem arising in a generalized principal-agent model with limited liability constraint. We present the economic model and the mathematical formulation. Though the problem seems " simple " , it presents many difficulties that are hard to overcome. After a formal resolution, we give an(More)
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