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Plant root development is highly responsive both to changes in nitrate availability and beneficial microorganisms in the rhizosphere. We previously showed that Phyllobacterium brassicacearum STM196, a plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria strain isolated from rapeseed roots, alleviates the inhibition exerted by high nitrate supply on lateral root growth.(More)
The sympatho-vagal nerve interaction at the heart was studied by means of power spectrum analysis of heart rate variability in seven Caucasians (aged 27-35 years) in resting supine and sitting positions before and during 35 days of a sojourn at 5050 m above sea level (asl) and in six Sherpas (aged 22-30 years) at high altitude only. A high frequency peak(More)
The power spectrum analysis of R-R interval variability (RRV) has been estimated by means of an autoregressive method in six men in supine (S) and sitting (C) postures at rest and during steady-state cycle exercise at about 14%, 28%, 45%, 67% of the maximal oxygen consumption (% VO2max). The total power of RRV decreased exponentially as a function of(More)
The Pycnoporus fungi are white-rot basidiomycetes listed as food- and cosmetic-grade microorganisms. Three high redox potential laccases from Pycnoporus coccineus and Pycnoporus sanguineus were tested and compared, with the commercial Suberase® as reference, for their ability to synthesise natural active oligomers from rutin (quercetin-3-rutinoside, one of(More)
Power spectrum analysis of heart-rate variability was made in seven men [mean age 22 (SEM 1) years] in head-out water immersion (W) and in air (A, control) at rest and during steady-state cycling to maximal intensity (maximum oxygen uptake, VO2max). At rest W resulted in a trebled increase in the total power (P < 0.05), coupled with minimal changes in the(More)
There have been many studies on the effects of isokinetic exercise on muscle performance in training and rehabilitative programmes. On the other hand, the cardiovascular and metabolic responses elicited by this type of exercise have been poorly investigated. This study was specifically designed to describe the relationships, if any, between metabolic and(More)
UNLABELLED We evaluated the effects of tourniquet application on the cardiovascular system and metabolism in 10 young men undergoing knee surgery with general anesthesia. The duration of inflation was from 75 to 108 min. Heart rate, mean arterial pressure, cardiac index (CI) by pulse contour method, and systemic vascular resistance were measured before,(More)
It has been proposed that cardiac control is altered in the elderly. Power spectral analysis of heart rate variability (HRV) was performed on 12 male and 11 female elderly subjects (mean age 74 years) while at rest in supine and sitting positions, and at steady states during 5 min of exercise (35-95% peak oxygen consumption, VO2peak). There were no(More)
Maximal voluntary isometric torque values of the ankle plantar (Tim,PF) and dorsal flexors (Tim,DF) were assessed in eight healthy adult males at 5 degrees and 15 degrees of dorsal flexion (DF) and at 5 degrees, 15 degrees and 25 degrees of plantar flexion (PF) with the knee at right angles, before (two times), during (three times) and after (three times)(More)
Prolonged altitude exposure usually leads to considerable weight loss of which a large part is from muscle tissue. This loss reduces maximum alactic anaerobic muscle power. It was hypothesized that most of the weight loss may simply be the result of malnutrition due to lack of palatable food in an uncomfortable environment. To test this hypothesis eight(More)