Sandrine Irace-Guigand

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Twenty-two pesticides and metabolites selected on the basis of a regional priority list, were surveyed in surface river waters by high performance liquid chromatography coupled in tandem with UV diode array detection and mass spectrometry, after an off-line pre-concentration step. Pesticide concentrations ranged between 0.07 and 4.8 microg/l according to(More)
A new flow injection analysis micellar-enhanced photochemically induced fluorescence (FIA-MEPIF) method was developed for the determination of four phenylurea herbicides, including isoproturon, neburon, linuron and diuron. On-line photoconversion under UV irradiation of these herbicides into strongly fluorescent photoproducts was performed in buffered(More)
For moderately hydrophobic compounds such as most pesticides adsorption on colloids (<0.2 microm) may play a key role in pesticide mobility as well as in their degradation by chemical and microbiological processes. However, until now, pesticide-organic colloid interactions are poorly understood. Quantitative data for sorption equilibria on colloids of two(More)
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