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BACKGROUND Intensive care unit (ICU) patients are exposed to many sources of discomfort. Most of these are related to the patient's condition, but ICU design or how care is organized also can contribute. The present survey was designed to describe the opinions of ICU caregivers on sources of patient discomfort and to determine how they were dealt with in(More)
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES To determine caregiver opinion on their intensive care unit's policies with regard to visiting hours, how families are informed and participate in patient care. BACKGROUND Benefits of improving family access to the intensive care unit, information delivery and participation of families in care have been suggested. DESIGN Survey of(More)
In preliminary analysis of nutritional, physical and laboratory data obtained in a study of 577 persons 50 years of age and over in San Mateo County, a number of factors of possible significance were noted. Of the 577 persons examined, 243 were referred to private physicians for a total of 377 conditions requiring attention. Obesity and hypertension were(More)
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