Sandrine Cheyppe-Buchmann

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Numerous arthropod species are genetically differentiated across their distribution area. Diversifying the geographical origins of a biocontrol agent species can be used to favour their perennial establishment by the sampling of pre-adapted genotypes and/or the production of new genotypes through hybridization. Hybridization can be nevertheless challenged(More)
Classical biological control—the introduction of exotic species to permanently control pests—offers an applied framework to test ecological and evolutionary hypotheses derived from invasion biology. One such hypothesis is that intraspecific hybridization can facilitate invasions because hybrids express higher phenotypic mean and/or variance than their(More)
Psyttalia lounsburyi is an African parasitoid of the olive fruit fly Bactrocera oleae. Its introduction in France has been made with two different objectives: i) controlling the olive fruit fly in France, and ii) testing how intraspecific hybridization affects the demographic success of small introduced populations. For this, we introduced two parental(More)
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