Sandrine Angélibert

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Manmade ecosystems provide a variety of resources that have strong economic values. We assessed the importance of 37 farm ponds for the biodiversity of Odonata in an agricultural landscape lacking natural wetlands in southwestern France. Farm ponds captured 40% of the regional species pool, including both common and rare species. The species assemblages(More)
Nutrient-rich freshwater ecosystems are generally considered as having low ecological quality and low associated biodiversity. In such systems we analysed the effects of water quality on biodiversity of several species groups, to determine tipping points and tools for monitoring. We investigated the water quality of 99 eutrophic and hypertrophic shallow(More)
Nutrient-rich water bodies are usually expected to host low species richness at the local scale (water body). Nevertheless, they can support a diverse and sometimes unique biodiversity when diversity is considered at a regional scale. This discrepancy between the two scales is well documented for natural water bodies, but little is known about biodiversity(More)
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