Sandrine Ah-Leung

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We have investigated the immunological and metabolomic impacts of Cry1Ab administration to mice, either as a purified protein or as the Cry1Ab-expressing genetically modified (GM) MON810 maize. Humoral and cellular specific immune responses induced in BALB/cJ mice after intra-gastric (i.g.) or intra-peritoneal (i.p.) administration of purified Cry1Ab were(More)
BACKGROUND Sensitization to hazelnut allergens vary depending on the geographic origin and age of the patients. The objective of this study was to further investigate the allergenic activity of hazelnut allergens using sera from patients recruited in various European regions and presenting different sensitization patterns to hazelnut proteins. METHODS(More)
Early tolerance induction is an attractive approach for primary prevention of food allergies. Using a mouse model, we aimed to assess the role of the immune status of the mother and the role of exposure during breast-feeding on the food allergy induced in the progeny. Females BALB/c mice were either orally tolerized or orally sensitized to bovine(More)
Specific IgE responses in patients allergic to goat's milk but tolerant to cow's milk: involvement of minor differences in primary structure between caprine and bovine caseins
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