Sandrina Ritzmann

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This article examines the relationship between operator characteristics and process control performance. Thirty-nine trainee operators participated in a 4-h training session of a simulated process control task and a testing session in which various system faults had to be managed. Cognitive ability, cognitive flexibility, self-efficacy and personality(More)
Secure air transportation is vital for economy and society and it relies heavily on airport security screening. Passenger bags and other belongings are screened using X-ray machines to ensure that they do not contain prohibited items. Human operators (X-ray screeners) visually inspect X-ray images to decide whether they are harmless or whether they might(More)
With the currently implemented high standards in passenger screening, air cargo is being perceived as the security chain's weakest link in civil aviation and therefore becomes an attractive target for terrorists. Detailed regulations exist to harden air cargo against terrorist attacks. Blended learning training methods can be used to enable screeners to(More)
Three training methods to improve attention management skills in process control were compared. Forty students from technical disciplines participated in a five-hour module of emphasis shift training (EST), EST combined with situation awareness training (EST/SA), and drill and practice (D&P) on a simulated process control task. Participants were then tested(More)
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