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BACKGROUND Inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS; encoded by nitric oxide synthase isoform 2 [NOS2]) is the major enzyme for nitric oxide synthesis in airways. As such, measurement of fractional concentration of exhaled nitric oxide (Feno) provides an in vivo assessment of iNOS activity. Short-term exposure to air pollution, haplotypes, and DNA methylation(More)
For traffic-related pollutants like ultrafine particles (UFP, Dp < 100 nm), a significant fraction of overall exposure occurs within or close to the transit microenvironment. Therefore, understanding exposure to these pollutants in such microenvironments is crucial to accurately assessing overall UFP exposure. The aim of this study was to develop models for(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the effects of long-term variations in ambient air pollutants on longitudinal changes in exhaled nitric oxide (FeNO), a potentially useful biomarker of eosinophilic airway inflammation, based on data from the southern California Children's Health Study. METHODS Based on a cohort of 1211 schoolchildren from eight Southern California(More)
BACKGROUND The fractional concentration of nitric oxide in exhaled air (FeNO) potentially detects airway inflammation related to air pollution exposure. Existing studies have not yet provided conclusive evidence on the association of FeNO with traffic-related pollution (TRP). OBJECTIVES We evaluated the association of FeNO with residential TRP exposure in(More)
Global trade has increased nearly 100-fold since 1950, according to the World Trade Organization. Today, major changes in trade are occurring with the advent of mega-ships that can transport thousands more containers than cargo ships now in use. Because global trade is expected to increase dramatically, the railroad industry-in the U.S. alone-has invested(More)
BACKGROUND This study was initiated to test the feasibility and toxicity of a regimen that alternates the administration of weekly carboplatin and vincristine with temozolomide in the management of children with progressive and/or symptomatic low-grade glioma. METHODS Eligible children received a 10-week induction regimen followed by six 10-week cycles of(More)
UNLABELLED "Extended" (multiple-flow) measurements of exhaled nitric oxide (FeNO) potentially can distinguish proximal and distal airway inflammation, but have not been evaluated previously in large populations. We performed extended NO testing within a longitudinal study of a school-based population, to relate bronchial flux (J'awNO) and peripheral NO(More)
The susceptibility of older adults to the health effects of air pollution is well-recognized. Advanced age may act as a partial surrogate for conditions associated with aging. The authors investigated whether gerontologic frailty (a clinical health status metric) modified the association between ambient level of ozone or particulate matter with an(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Low physical activity, one of five criteria in a validated clinical phenotype of frailty, is assessed by a standardized, semiquantitative questionnaire on up to 20 leisure time activities. Because of the time demanded to collect the interview data, it has been challenging to translate to studies other than the Cardiovascular Health Study(More)