Sandra da Silva Mattos

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OBJECTIVE To investigate, both objectively and subjectively, the effect of music on children in a pediatric cardiac intensive care unit following heart surgery, in conjunction with standard care. METHODS Randomized clinical trial with placebo, assessing 84 children, aged 1 day to 16 years, during the first 24 hours of the postoperative period, given a 30(More)
In this paper, we consider the problem of separating a set of independent components when only one movable sensor is available to record the mixtures. We propose to exploit the quasi-periodicity of the heart signals to transform the signal from this one moving sensor, into a set of measurements, as if from a virtual array of sensors. We then use ICA to(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine if in-hospital mortality after cardiac surgery can be predicted, in children, using a new clinical and surgical index. STUDY DESIGN Observational, retrospective, cross-sectional. METHODS We reviewed 818 charts from children undergoing surgery between January, 2000, and December, 2004. The index was calculated by summing the scores(More)
PROBLEM Providing health care for children with congenital heart diseases remains a major challenge in low- and middle-income countries. APPROACH In October 2011, the Government of Paraíba, Brazil, established a paediatric cardiology network in partnership with the nongovernmental organization Círculo do Coração. A cardiology team supervised all network(More)
The DigiScope project aims at developing a digitally enhanced stethoscope capable of using state of the art technology in order to help physicians in their daily medical routine. One of the main tasks of DigiScope is to build a repository of auscultations (sound and medical related data). In this work, we present a preliminary analysis and study of the(More)
Auscultation is widely applied in clinical activity, nonetheless sound interpretation is dependent on clinician training and experience. Heart sound features such as spatial loudness, relative amplitude, murmurs, and localization of each component may be indicative of pathology. In this study we propose a segmentation algorithm to extract heart sound(More)
This is the case report of a young infant with early respiratory distress and pulmonary hypertension, diagnosed as a variant of horseshoe lung and we have reviewed the literature to seek information about this rare pulmonary malformation and its cardiac and hemodynamic repercussions.
Heart sound characteristics are linked to blood pressure, and its interpretation is important for detection of cardiovascular disease. In this study, heart sounds' auscultation, acquired from children patients (27 patients, 10.2±3.9 years, 35.7±20.8 kg, 132.3±25.5 cm), were automatically segmented to extract the two main components: the first sound (S1) and(More)