Sandra Whaley

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In biological systems, organic molecules exert a remarkable level of control over the nucleation and mineral phase of inorganic materials such as calcium carbonate and silica, and over the assembly of crystallites and other nanoscale building blocks into complex structures required for biological function. This ability to direct the assembly of nanoscale(More)
The reaction of Ti(NMe(2))(4) with 2 equiv of Me(3)SiN(3) in toluene solution affords a dark red polymeric material of composition [Ti(NMe(2))(2)(N(3))(2)](n) (1). If the reaction is carried out in pyridine (py) solution, dark red, crystalline [Ti(NMe(2))(2)(N(3))(2)(py)(2)] (2) is formed. Analogous reactions of Ti(NMe(2))(4) with 2 or 1 equiv of(More)
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